Central Training & Placement Cell
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 Central Training & Placement (T & P) Cell  


The University Central Training and Placement Cell will play a vital role and is committed to provide all possible assistance to its graduates, post-graduates and research students in their efforts to find employment/ seek higher education. The benefits of this assistance would be reflected in the preparation of NMU students to secure lucrative and esteemed positions in all fields. As there are more than 300 Universities in India and with the possibility of number of foreign Universities likely to launch their Centers in near future, the competition for employment will get stiff and the placement in job may become a challenging one. But with the Industries going full swing and India Inc. taking the board room decisions to enhance human talent, Placement Scenario is definitely going to improve in the near future in all sectors such as IT, Electronics and Telecommunications, Heavy Industries, Construction Sector, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical Industries, Financial Services, Banking, FMCG, Consulting etc. Recent acquisitions of Foreign Companies by Indian Industries, the revival of Information Technology, growth in service sector, newer opportunities in BPO, KPO and Call Centers, emerging technologies such as biotechnology and nanotechnology etc. have put the campus recruitment process on the upward graph.

The Central T & P Cell is committed to meet the career objectives of students and cater to the Human Resource needs of Organizations interested in conducting campus interviews for placements of University Students. The T & P Cell is monitored by the University Administrative Officer of the ranks of Assistant Registrar. Mr.N.M.Gajbhare, Training & Placement Office (TPO) is heading the cell. He is supported by Miss. Dipali V. Badgujar and Mr. Pankaj R. Nagarkar as officer staff. In addition, in its endeavor, the T & P Cell will be supported by the T & P Coordinators of University Schools. The list of T & P Advisory Board Coordinators and their contact details are given under section 5.


The infrastructure support includes Laptop/PC, laser printer and equipments (LCD), OHP, Smart board, Sound system), telephone, fax machine, audiovisual hall for PPT (pre-placement talk), conduct of written tests and organization of seminar, round table system for GD etc. teleconferencing facility is a available for conduct of online interviews. Additionally, it is maintaining a good library of resource books/ journals/ circulations/ newspapers/ magazines/ educational CDs for general awareness, self-improvement, and job search with due support by University P.R.Officer and Central Library.


Vision, Mission and Goal   

The Central Training and Placement Cell is committed to the professional progress of North Maharashtra University students through integrating the career issues within an academic environment for realizing their best possible career path.


The Central Training and Placement Cell will help the undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph. D. students of North Maharashtra University through counseling, instructions and training for development of desired skills essential for suitable job profile/ higher education/ self employment and inviting the Corporate Industries / Research or Academic Institutes/ Commercial Organizations/ Public Sector Undertakings for campus placement. 


Ultimate goal is to facilitate the rating of North Maharashtra University, predominantly dominated by tribal area, as one among the best Universities in India in terms of Job Placement through coordination with University Schools and affiliated colleges covering following faculties: Arts and Fine Arts, Mental Moral and Social Sciences, Science, Commerce and Management, Law, Education, Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy.

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