Last Updated On May 19 2012 12:11PM
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Carefully read these Instructions before you begin
1. Read all the information carefully given in all links before you click 'Apply Online'
2. Do NOT create fake logins, since registration requires unique Mobile Number.
3. If you do not have a mobile number, you can give mobile number of your nearest relatives (with their permission). One mobile number can be registered only once.
4. You will be sent Login ID and Password on mobile by SMS.
5. In case, if you are unable to apply online yourself, please visit the nearest college for assistance. Colleges may accept your application on paper in exceptional case.
6. The online application form is personalized for you and hence will assist you in filling your relevant information only.
7. The application must be made within the specified dates stipulated by University. The link to 'Apply' inside your login will be disabled if dates are over.
8. Once you fill the application form successfully and apply, you will have to submit the printout of application form along with necessary documents to every course-college separately for which you have applied. Your application will not be considered valid in any case, unless printout is submitted to college. You must ensure that college inwards your application form after submission of printout.
9. You may have to purchase the information brochure of the college at the time of submission of printout.
10. Making online application does not mean that you have secured admission in any of the course-college.
11. You will have to contact and check with college for your admission, and follow the college rules and regulations such as merit list, last date of admission, fees, documents, your eligibility for the course/program etc.
12 By Clicking on 'Apply Online' link, you agree that you have read all the instructions carefully and understood them.
If you are ready with all the documents you can now start applying by clicking 'Apply Online’.